Top 5 Tips for helping your team be productive working from home

Working from home can feel strange, the usual working day might feel as though it has been disrupted, and this can affect an employee's productivity and standard of work.

1. Set their mindset

Firstly, your employees must understand that 'working from home' is the new norm. Ensure that they have the right mindset - do refer to our past blog article about mental health during self-isolation. It is important that your team stick to their usual routine.

2. Provision

Do ensure your team has all the equipment they need to work from home with the correct attitude and productivity, this includes everything from computers and screens, a webcams, stationery, desks and comfortable chairs if need be. Setting up a designated office space creating a desk at home will make them feel more 'at work'.

3. Encourage them to have a routine

This does mean setting the alarm for the usual time and dressing appropriately (smart-casual as if going to the workplace) and having breakfast. Scheduling a daily morning meeting first thing ensures everyone is present and correct at their desks at the usual hour.

As well as daily check-ins, encourage your employees to set up a regular schedule for their work tasks, including times for breaks, times for uninterrupted work, lunch, and a walk for health benefits.

4. Have consideration

Many of your employees will be at home with other family members within limited space. You will need to acknowledge that some individuals may have to spend some time homeschooling children or attending to other family needs. Encourage open communication and display empathy to avoid additional stress in an already stressful situation.

5. Hang out together online

Finally, encourage your employees to stay healthy while working from home. For example, they should take regular breaks to give their eyes rest from screen work.

It is common for individuals to spend more time at their desk when remote working, so it's even more crucial that they get away for five minutes. Make sure they finish at the same time they would in the workplace is essential to maintain home-work boundaries and ensure they get plenty of downtime to spend with family. Eating well and getting a good night’s sleep is vital to ensure your team can work productively and maintain mental and physical health.

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