Virtual interviewing ‘The New Norm’

9th May 2021

As virtual interviews increase globally, it has also shown an increase in competition with more and more remote roles becoming available as businesses are adapting and evolving to changes. So, perfecting the virtual interview the best you can before crunch time is an absolute must.

There are many different factors to take into consideration when preparing for a virtual interview. Some can be easily overlooked, but don’t worry we will hit all points today.

Firstly let’s have a look at the most common preparation plans first:

Testing your technology

There is nothing worse than being unfamiliar with the platform arranged for the interview and not having the camera or mic set up properly. A lot of time can be wasted fixing these minor things and will leave a bad first impression. Along with the platform check, you’ll need to make sure that your internet connection is strong. Many of the platforms have a video test you can do, which allows you to see how the interviewer will see and hear you.

Setting the scene

Another major point to think about is where will you like the interview to take place. Somewhere quiet, with limited distractions, and what background will be the best? You will need 100% focus on the interview to smash it so take into great consideration that the external factors play a big role in both your focus and the interviewers.

Preparing your attire

Just like a good old-fashioned in-person interview, clothing and how you present yourself still matter! Even though the interviewer may only see from your shoulders up, it’s still important to dress and feel the part of a determined, serious, and professional candidate.

In-depth preparation of the role and company

Do your homework! Make sure you understand exactly what are the requirements for the role, what they expect, and what the company is, stands for, and ultimately aims for. Go over why you believe you are the right person for this job. Being prepared on these points allows you to have an increased range of logical questions that show you have done your research which in turn shows your seriousness towards the company and role.

Practising and preparing Q&As

A follow-on point from above is to make a list of questions you feel are important to ask. Start preparing yourself for the questions you may be asked such as “why do you feel you are the right person for the job”, ‘what challenges have you faced in previous roles and how did you overcome them”,’‘ what are your strengths and weaknesses” and “why have you chosen our company?”

Those are the main points of focus when it comes to preparation, however, what about these?

How many of us think to check the camera lens, or check our hair, nails, and face? Remember that even though we are dressing in our professional attire, your face will be the part in full view. Make sure to polish up completely and give the camera lens a good clean!

Now let’s move on to thinking about how we want to represent ourselves during the interview.

Remember to always be authentic, you are in your environment now. Relax and express yourself as you usually would. Interviewers are looking for people they feel will be the right fit so just be yourself!

Take note of your body language, you may not be able to shake anyone’s hand but keeping eye contact, eye level with the camera, and sitting straight still represents a focused and on-point candidate who is eager to work. Sitting back with feet in the air and looking around the space you are in shows a lack of interest and somewhat disrespect.

Now you’re all set and ready for the virtual interview!

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