What is one of the biggest challenges face in 2020?

24th January 2021

2020 has indeed been the year of growth. We have forcefully had to step back, slow down, make changes, and take better care of ourselves, our families, communities, and the environment.

With all the restrictions put in place, many of us have been required to work from home. In the UK alone, statistics show we went from 5% of home workers to 24% by October 2020.

Yet, what could be the challenges of working at home?

You get to make your schedule, have more time with the family, take breaks whenever you like, and most importantly you don’t need to answer to anyone if you’re late!

That all sounds incredibly tempting. However, this is the flip side: you lose your routine, can feel a bit lost, have other distractions at home you simply cannot ignore, and you may even work too much or start working in the evenings, which was your original downtime.

Studies have suggested an increase in mental health cases, however, is that from remote work alone or remote work and covid-19 restrictions on top?

In life, there are pros and cons to everything. The good news is we adapt well and, we change continually, develop, and learn through all stages of our lives. A change may be hard in the beginning nonetheless, we find new ways of balancing our lives.

2020 has been a positive year, challenging yet rewarding both individually, worldly, and as a society.

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