Why do you need Citrus Connect as your recruitment agency?

20th July 2021

The biggest questions we get asked are; why use an agency, what is a recruitment agency and why do we exist? In simple terms, recruitment agencies work as a dating agency, matching candidates with clients, and finding that perfect match.

Recruitment agencies have specialist knowledge and a wide network enabling us to seek out the right candidates to match with the vacancies, clients and the values of a company. Using a recruitment specialist for either your company or as an individual looking for work has multiple benefits.

At citrus connect we are entirely customer-focused, built around the needs of our clients. We listen and respond to all feedback from both the candidates and the clients, leading with heart, soul, and most importantly service.

The benefits for our clients

For employers and sales organisations, you know that recruiting new sales staff is extremely time-consuming, costly and uses up significant resources that could be put to better use. You also know the value of top sales talent, those that will drive your business forward and help you achieve your goals.

When you use recruitment specialists, we identify and attract that top talent which relieves a huge amount of pressure from you and your business allowing you to focus on the things that are going to make your business more successful.

What do we do?

We efficiently and effectively identify talent, we work purely with employers and professionals on the lookout for career opportunities meaning we are placed in the know and we operate as the intermediary. The knowledge that we possess about how to avoid a bad candidate can be very valuable to a client.

We know who is looking for work, how capable they are and what their salary expectations are.

Once an employer has created a vacancy and established the role criteria, we then set about searching for individuals that we feel will fit in that position.

We have often noticed that in fact, the ideal candidates are usually the ones who are not actively looking for work but would be open to one if the right opportunity presented itself.

Because we have a strong network and a clear idea of where to find the right talent we can really support our clients with this. Some candidates may be harder to find due to them possibly being passive or selective so ultimately they will not respond to job adverts meaning they are not in your talent pool. Most likely these individuals have a trusted relationship with a recruitment specialist that is within your sector.

Interviewing candidates

We conduct the interviews on your behalf again saving you precious time and money. Our consultants provide a screening process that is usually done over the phone which narrows down applicants giving you an extremely strong shortlist by eliminating unsuitable matches.

For smaller companies, we help with brand identification as most are unable to create a brand identity like bigger companies who can put a lot of time and money into developing and marketing their brand.

Company culture is such a huge part of a candidate’s selection of who they are going to work with, so it’s imperative even for small businesses to work on brand identification. We help to develop that when recruiting your sales staff.

The benefits for our Candidates

When candidates are searching for a job or in the process of an application you may know the struggle that comes with that, you may not get any feedback, you may be waiting and holding off on other job searches until you get a call either way. This can be extremely frustrating and stressful. That’s where we come in, the


Clients and employers are very busy. We do the follow-ups and make sure that you get your foot in the door and an interview.

At Citrus connect we are completely free of charge for our candidates. We have excellent knowledge of the labour market, have an extremely large network and will always follow up on your applications. You will always receive feedback and assistance from the intake of an interview right up to salary negotiation.

What we do?

We have extensive expertise in sourcing suitable candidates through our network, job sites, job fairs, and social media.

We may contact you when we have found your resume or profile and we want to match you to a job that we have available, or you may contact us yourself by applying for a particular position by submitting an open application at which point we will see if you qualify for any of the upcoming positions.

Firstly for potential candidates, we screen the resume or CV, the motivational letter and any other relevant information we can find. If we feel there is a potential match between the candidate, job description and clients values we will then plan an interview to discuss the skills and needs of the job in question.

At Citrus connect we keep an eye out for three ‘true match’ factors:

1. Skills

2. Characteristics

3. Role requirements

Only successful candidates from the screening will then be invited for an interview.

We carefully monitor the application process and if the client considers a candidate appropriate for the position he or she may then get the job.

At Citrus Connect Recruitment, we aim to provide all clients and candidates with a transparent recruitment service that supports our clients business goals, and earning aspirations of our candidates. Whether a client or a candidate, we work closely with you, listen to your requirements, and develop the right solutions whilst guiding you through every stage of the process.

Our ultimate aim is to change the face of recruitment, we are here to serve our clients to enhance and grow their business, to work in partnership and alliance to create win/win relationships all round.

You cannot grow without the right people in the right place!

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