Why you STILL need a recruitment agency in 2021 and how Citrus Connect can help you

13th July 2021

No doubt with the increase of virtual interviews and remote work over the last year, some are starting to question the real need for recruitment agencies.

Well, with regards to using recruitment agencies the actual benefits to a company have not changed. In fact, recruitment agencies are needed a bit more due to the challenges faced by businesses during 2020. Many had to restructure, change business plans and organise existing staff and management practices. That is more than enough for a business to cope with let alone adding on long and costly recruitment processes to get that perfect team.

Recruitment consultants are extremely good at adjusting and adapting to a constantly evolving environment. Recruiters are all about strong, valued, and transparent relationships. They are the first to adapt to the changes within the workforce and work hard at finding the most efficient way to continue sourcing, narrowing down, and interviewing the perfect candidate for the company during very testing times.

Recruiters are specialists at:

Sourcing Talent

Recruiters have a large pool of connections, networks, and an understanding of different industries and trends than in-house hiring may not. They have the skills to look out for the important information on a CV that makes a potential candidate stand out. They take time to understand the company’s values and goals in order to source that ideal candidate.

Advertising Jobs

Recruiters often use multiple platforms in which they advertise roles, track candidates, and source talent, searching far and wide, sifting through thousands of CVS, industries, skills, and locations. They are the perfect place to attract as much attention in order to fill the biggest pool of finding that perfect candidate. They are experts at advertising the role in a clear, structured manner, lessening the number of unsuitable applicants. In-house recruitment is often very limited in both platforms for advertising and descriptions of the roles required, lessening the number of applicants, hence talent available.

Reducing employers costs

Hiring the professionals to do the recruiting for your company saves you $$$$. Some may think, they don’t need to hire a middle man because they can do it themselves. But the bigger picture here is often overlooked. There are both short and long-term benefits to hiring recruiters. They already have all platforms at hand to advertise the roles, they save your management the hassle of doing the recruiting process allowing them to focus on their role in your company and having a professional do the recruiting limits the chance of a bad match, saving you time and money on training, and a constant rollover of staff.

Remaining objective throughout the entire process, not being biased or making emotional decisions

Recruiters source only what is required for the company and role, they are not biased and have no emotional connection, therefore they don’t end up making any emotional decisions. One of the biggest values recruiters hold is putting the company’s goals, values, and culture at the forefront of everything while sourcing the candidates, ensuring that the ones shortlisted will do nothing but add value to the company.

Developing, reconnecting, and maintaining honest relationships with both employer and candidate networks

As mentioned above, recruiters are all about building, developing, and maintaining honest, transparent relationships with service at the forefront of everything. Not just with clients but with networks and candidates too. The ultimate goal is to serve as part of the team rather than an outsider, taking time to learn and develop the values, culture, and visions of a company. Recruiters stay in the loop of everything going on in the workforce, ready for progression and retention with the aim of maintaining long-lasting partnerships in all areas of the industry.

At Citrus Connect we set ourselves apart from the rest. Our quality can be seen by the long-lasting relationships developed with our clients. We believe that our personalised approach sets us apart from others and our attention to detail means that we track and analyse at each stage of the recruitment process, allowing us feedback and offering full visibility at all times.

We maintain a personalised and conscientious approach. We take great care in searching for the right candidate for your business requirements and future success. Our main objective is to add value to your business, building a strong proactive sales force, and creating teams that stay together with increased longevity. We provide expert knowledge and recruitment solutions tailored specifically for your business and we are consistently tracking and evaluating the value we add to your business, making sure that we are building an honest and transparent partnership with each and every client.

We are entirely customer-focused, proactive at all times, and lead with heart, soul, and service. Putting value at the forefront through all recruiting and retaining processes.

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