Yes, you can land a role with zero experience, and here is how!

30th October 2022

You need to have experience to get experience, what a vicious cycle for those who are either starting out in the workforce or those who are looking to change careers.

Trying to get a job with no experience can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, especially when the majority of job ads require some level of experience or skills that you may not have.

Fret not, according to TalentWorks study:

“Job candidates who meet at least 50 per cent of the job requirements are as likely to land the interview as ones who meet 90 per cent.” Insights.dice.

So, how can we start?

1. The best place to start is to understand the job market.

Increase your knowledge, see what is out there, what excites you, what goals you have and what opportunities or industries correspond with those ambitions and goals. Take some time to understand what you are naturally good at and that you enjoy, this can help narrow down your search along with your goals.

Think about what motivates you. Is it money to work towards financial freedom or would it be multiple holidays a year, maybe it is taking your earning potential into your own hands or working with others to make an impact in the world.

Whatever it is, it is a key part of knowing the type of role/career you should be looking for. Why? If you land a job that is not fulfilling, you will be right back here in the blink of an eye.

2. Next up is to start your research

Make a list of requirements that are needed for the roles you are interested in. Soft skills play a significant part in landing a job and you will most likely have some hard-skill experience (depending on the industry).

There are plenty of ways to build up some hard skills by taking online courses, remember that you are focussing on building a career so taking some extra time to gain knowledge is crucial.

3. Focus on an intentional CV

Your CV is a business proposal, you need to tailor your CV to each role you apply to. This is most likely the first impression you will give. Make sure it’s easy to read and highlights your transferable skills, education, and any volunteer work you may have done that shows you are the type of person that is right for this role. Remember that transferable skills are a great way to demonstrate your value to an employer.

4. Build a network

LinkedIn is a fantastic start to getting to know people working in the industry that you are interested in, you will get to learn first-hand just what a day in the life of XXX will look like for you. Start building your connection list. Be honest and open, you can even ask for some advice on how to get your foot in the door. If you want to get into an industry, make sure that people know about it. Join groups, and public discussions and even attend events.

Passion is a powerful force. To show that yes, although you may not tick all the boxes just yet, you are passionate, you are willing to learn, you are eager, humble and determined can get you a very long way.

5. Plan and prepare for your interviews

Confidence is key. Don’t forget that this is your career, the ball is not entirely in the interviewer’s court. You want to make sure that you align with the company and that the role and company are right for you. Ask questions, talk to employees, do your research, and see what strengths you can bring to the role and company this shows that you are serious about the company and it makes a lasting impression.

6. Make good use of a cover letter

You may have seen there are a lot of jobs out there that require or prefer some experience, do not let that put you off applying. You can boost your CV by sending a personal cover letter, emphasising why you believe you are the right candidate for this role, how who you are and what you have done previously will make an impact in this role.

Experience can be important and in some cases desired however, your attitude to work, your personality, your understanding of the company and its activity, motivation, resilience, and ideas for the future is just as important.

“Because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” Michael Jordan

If a certain lifestyle is your motivator, self-employed direct sales may be the right path for you, why? With many of the self-employed or even employed direct sales roles, a lot of the time no previous experience is needed as full training is given.

Sales require specific soft skills, an open personality, and someone who is driven and has clear goals.

If you are a good communicator, generally care about helping others or sharing knowledge about products that can positively change lives alongside wanting to earn an unlimited salary then get in touch with us today.

To find out more about how to create the winning CV

For help on how to smash an interview (yes even with no experience in a particular field) check out our previous blog

When you combine all of these, there is no doubt you will be on the right track to starting an amazing career.

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