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Dec Monthly Recruitment Insights – Optimism for 2023

As with every December, I have spent most of last week and will spend some of this week conducting end-of-year reviews – confidence levels are high (with caution of course) but more importantly most are positive that we can ride this wave as we have many others, in partnership, with resilience and of course effective workforce planning.

Founders Monthly Newsletter – Confidence drops but the need for people remains high

Hiring challenges remain, it is important to keep the market buoyant to prevent employer and candidate confidence from dropping. On the same token, if we want to drive higher economic […]

Oct 2022 Monthly Newsletter – Recruitment Update – What we should be doing together

The past few weeks have seen momentous events in our country. During the period of national mourning, we saw the nation come together to reflect and give thanks for Her […]

July Newsletter: Why companies are struggling to recruit

Last week the ONS published its latest labour market update. These figures show that it is a fantastic time to be looking for work, vacancies are near to a record […]

April Recruitment Highlights from our Founder, Leena Parmar

According to the latest KPMG and REC, UK Report on Jobs survey, recruitment activity across the UK has remained strong in April. Ongoing candidate shortage is weighing on overall business […]

14 April 2022 Newsletter from our Founder, Leena Parmar

The UK labour market has been extremely inconsistent in the recent past: Brexit, the Covid-19 crisis, the Great Resignation (which is another subject entirely, that I’d like to discuss another […]

February 2022 Recruitment Highlights – 7 Recruitment Trends for 2022. From our Founder, Leena Parmar

Candidate availability has now been dropping for the past 12 months, which is represented in the labour shortages that UK faces today. Recruiters are filling a record number of posts, […]

14 January 2022 Newsletter from our Founder, Leena Parmar

I sincerely hope you managed to switch off and enjoy a relaxing Christmas and New Year with your loved ones. It would be very easy to draw parallels with last […]

10th Dec Newsletter from our Founder, Leena Parmar

As we approach the end of the year, it is important to take stock of the current recruitment marketplace to position ourselves where our businesses continue to grow with the […]

8th October Newsletter from our Founder, Leena Parmar

Autumn has most definitely set its foot into our doors, as we nestle in to our comfy homes with the roaring fires, it is not time to get comfortable but […]

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